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Job ideas:  

To find the advantages and advantages of applicants, and work hard to create a relaxed candidates, strive for the atmosphere of trust companies introduce appropriate talents.   

Choose to concept:   

Enterprise is made a brick house, not only for the best, the most suitable for the construction of the magnificent achievement, ability. Select the most appropriate personnel is an important means to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises.   

Training philosophy:   

Talent is one of the most direct and efficient investment, regulating the efficient training mechanism is the key to develop the longshan continues.   

Ethics idea:   

Honesty, sincerity with no unbelief; PiaoYiRen, owe piao;, Fine, fine hard more novelty, Hard-working unremittingly, absence to waste.  

7S management concept:   

To rectify, clean, tidy and clean, quality, safety and economical for content management activities, to respect employees' character, pay attention to the wisdom of the workers, the value of employees, cherish by employee, maintenance staff to finally reach the dignity, improving staff quality, promote enterprise development purposes.