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Turned up the service concept, improve customer satisfaction


"To meet customer needs and win more orders," which is worth all enterprise tireless pursuit of the goal. Therefore, how to improve customer satisfaction, the "cheap" based on capture customers 'hearts and minds', to get more business opportunities, which will increasingly become a research each company. Yongsan Electronics in the LED industry, on the scale, it can only be regarded as small and medium enterprises, neither the productivity advantages, there is no price advantage, but still able to survive in the multitude of strong competition, in addition to its own excellent quality, but also with our customers to provide quality service, adhering to the "for the sake of users, creating value for customers," the service concept inseparable.

First, the pre-market development services

Pre-market product certification, in the LED industry, especially in the digital manufacturers eyes is a part of a very high value. During certification, in addition to not appear dead lights, brightness, color and voltage requirement also does not appear flawed. Certified by the product manufacturer to enter the digital stuff into his production line, who for the kind fast, who accounted for a market opportunity. In order to meet this demand for the kind of customers quickly, what customers think, worry about customer needs, the company's first time samples of tissue engineering research and development staff, customer needs, and actively carry out technical research. The fastest speed out samples, overtime has become normalized, is experiencing uninterrupted holidays. Both for customers gain time to get orders, and expand their market.

Second, the intention of manufacturing quality

Quality is the life. LED industry, the biggest headache is the possibility of customer complaints. Wherever there is the quality of customer complaints, customers invariably require 8D reports, ranging from returns, while claims. In order to reduce customer complaints and losses, the company over the years, very focused on the quality control, all year round to provide "one-stop" service, certification from the choice of materials to process control, from warehouse to shipping, have staff for each link ; in order to continuously improve the quality of staff, regular job skills match. Always with a positive attitude, quality of products and services, as the market door open "golden key." The production process, key customers, key contracts, assign specific technicians, the whole process involved in ensuring quality standards, based on the retention rate of 98.5% or more A product to meet the needs of users and quantity of confrontation.

Third, attentive service to win business opportunities

Understand the real needs of customers, the key is to do product development and production processes. To win customers more orders, to win the initiative in the competition come to the fore, the company from the beginning of the second half of last year, to actively enhance the service concept, the initiative will serve forward, the company's R & D personnel "go" deep into the digital manufacturers first line, directly to the customer, to carry out caring service, keep abreast of customer use of the product details, customer focus in use every aspect of the production to help resolve some of the confusion on. To this end, won a lot of praise from customers, greatly improving the company's product visibility and market share, business continued. As of March, four new customers, sales is a record 40KK. "Customer service priority services to create value" and other concepts, in today's market, has gained. For the customer, the urgency of urgency, not only the voice of the market, also Yongsan Electronics culture, we have to "quality sophisticated" At the same time, started the Yongsan Electronics of "special service" brand, continue to produce products that meet customers 'taste' demand personalized boutique, so the company's performance to the next level.


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