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Customization, so customers can not do without you


April 24, Yongsan Electronics in the company conference room in the first quarter sales meeting, attended by company leaders, all members of the business unit as well as engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing, materials and other relevant departments. Yongsan Electronics self build "team three-dimensional marketing" new model since last year, the internal customer-centric philosophy, foreign customer's stereo output, so marketing is no longer just a business unit of work. The meeting summarizing quarterly sales arrangements for the next phase of work at the same time on SMD LED customization discussed.

Longdian's flagship product - SMD light-emitting diode (SMD LED) is within the industry standard products. In recent years, with its increasingly widespread application, more and more capital involved, form overcapacity situation. Intense competition, product homogeneity, prices tend to edge costs. Faced with a wave of peer large capacity, low-price competition comes, Yongsan Electronics been dedicated to high-end quality positioning, and product customization for their support and the efforts to win customers, so that customers can not do without you.

LED customization (customization), according to customer needs different individual needs, the preparation of different light colors. Particularly for digital backlit 0603 white, Longshan developed for different customers 20 types of fixed products, to meet the various needs of different customers and their end customers, were affirmed by the industry. Indeed, customization also brings many similar models of the same product, it is difficult control problems, to research and development, production, storage etc. bring no small pressure to Longdian people have to pay more. How to manage customized products, in the fight for orders, process control, to get there is a balance between profits, but also will become Yongsan Electronics moment worked topic.

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