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An early February morning, the radio came the good news: Shaoxing achieved Canoe Marathon 2017 World Cup and the right to host the 2019 World Championships, which makes 绍兴成 to China first obtain the right to host these two events city. In other words, in the near future, in the ancient Yue earth, going to happen exciting two world-class sporting events, while the game's place, actually in front of my house on the river ......

My home in front of the river, was a river around the city from east to west. Childhood grandfather family lived in the old railway station area, my grandfather took me to the river to play when I said: "You do not think the textbooks say how far the Grand Canal, in fact, this is the Grand Canal extension of it." At that time, I think my grandfather told me, is a big secret. I clearly remember when I put this little secret to tell partners, telling them that the ancient and mysterious of the Grand Canal in the vicinity of my house flowing, their eyes shining with wonder and admiration of countless stars stars too!

Primary school most of the time living in his grandmother, grandmother quartzite paved front door is a long narrow backstreets north, open the rear door, it is a small river under their feet. Criss-crossing the river just ancient water network in one, but in my little heart, but no reason to think of it from the side stream over the Grand Canal. The memory of the water is still relatively clean, riverside high water several meters below us where, from time to time crunch Boat Sailing Karma squeak through. I like to open the back door, moving small stool and read aloud the text on the river. One day, I read juvenile RunTu steal Rohan beans with other children when burning food, far came a boat Lohan beans, black hat with regular skipper yelling "Rohan beans to Kenya to do to "it is really God. So I was doing breakfast grandmother summoned properly sprinkle a little delicate, she decisively directed at past black hat Q: "How much? Pound ah" After the transaction, the grandmother put money in the basket, with a rope hanging down, the skipper and then weighed Rohan beans in baskets. Immediately burned to eat, the taste of fresh beans was, ah, as I no longer students beyond words, just think if I could be like my grandfather Xun writing, write out the taste will not RunTu inferior.

My college days are spent in Shaoxing. The teacher told us the school on the edge of the river called the "wind the River", belonging to the ancient Canal section of Shaoxing, so when I pull up the banner and several classmates founded the literary society, it is no doubt that the club bulletin named "Wind River is." Imagine, then wind the River, witness the number of youth flying time. I remember when the river was so desolate, riverside a picture of the young faces, is its only decoration. Calm river, through the "bridges", reflecting the "dry Teng trees faint crow," when flows this period, but it is not "heartbroken" and the End of the World. Only waves rippling in the morning reading of the students, the wind howling in the river generous emotion, laughter at sunset Xia Hui cry, perhaps when the moon river tempting pure love.

Simen live in all, the river around the city after the wedding. Now here is breathtaking Dear Town, but this river was dirty too daunting, I no longer think of this is part of the Grand Canal. In the National gleefully greet the new century in 1999, I heard that the government should be rehabilitated, followed, each unit mobilizes employees to make voluntary contributions, I donated a month's salary, received a certificate of honor of red, top with gold foil word says "give the power of the social, governance Yue river," the words, still treasure. Soon after, Shaoxing pleasantly surprised to find, Shaoxing become beautiful, because the river is completely different. Not just to clean up the river and riverside renovation, riverside greenery and gardening landscaping, also built Jishan Park, Kam Water Court, West Park, Best Garden, River Park, a large number park for free public open play. The three of us go to the river for a walk after dinner, it has become a fixed program. Disheveled disheveled, my baby slowly grow taller, children from kindergarten into elementary school student; disheveled disheveled, his son will come for some impromptu doggerel with this charming scenery on both sides, such as: "Riverside breeze, drink mineral water water, how to Relax "belly laugh pain later, found his son's" Poetry "Although the straightforward point, it is this feeling. Once he climbed with his son walking river Simen tower above all, find the tower has two pairs of positive and negative couplet - "ten gates unmatched Koto, water whirl flow lane thoroughfare seven strings", "Jiang Bo worthy dip dyed green shore, mountains greet people can show meal. " Son just have a collection of ancient couplet job, want to copy back, but there was no phone, did not bring pen and paper, I propose that the two pairs of couplets with my mind down. After the record several times, mother and son hurried trot home, for fear of the way the couplet forgotten. It will very carefully opened the door with a smile, breathing heavily and got a pen and paper, write down each couplet just back down, and then put together two pieces of paper on the check, verbatim. That time feel, like Chibi Eve Zhou Yu Ming from each of the two hands of the word, all is a "fire" the word in general. The father is washing is also involved, the way to pay tribute to the son of a good memory, a good way my mother, the family quite well.

Son after school, we moved to the present residence - a district near the train station, out is the river, overlooking the Mountain House, about the size of the city of Northbridge. Did not mean to go back to where my grandfather used to live, but moved around, I do not know how it is inseparable from the river. Boat on the river, nor is Wu Pengchuan grandmother river, and after dinner the family retained the habit of walking in the river. Walks often see cruise emitted from Jishan Park through, we will be facing the boat waving, boat troubled guests will soon return to their enthusiasm, waving to us. Once the son said, Mom, you dare to the ship shouted: "Hi, Shaoxing welcomes you" twice I drum strength, made three deep breath, finally shy, did not cry out, it seems also Continued efforts are needed.

Lived here, we can say closer than the Grand Canal have never been seen the Simen. Looking down from the balcony, in front of the Pink for watching spring with green Ruyan little bit, you can see across the dark green of autumn green lining golden ginkgo. So spring to autumn, the son grew into a young man, last year test to the far north to the study. That is, after his entrance examination graduation trip a few days, the Grand Canal World Heritage List. The essence of eastern Zhejiang ancient canal towpath, and Shaoxing ancient canal body, character bridges, included in China's Grand Canal, the world's common cultural heritage point segment, bad moat in front of my house, of course, included.

Ring River total length of 12.34 km, canoeing marathon distance of 12 km race, to coincide, the two sides bright, rich cultural landscape, abundant ah. Shaoxing good foundation and the sport, but also a two-time Olympic canoeing champion Meng Liang yet. When I heard that in Greece the tournament, Laomeng family moved to the television patio, villagers huddled together, "see ya Guan Liang." Won the championship, when the village folks celebrate congratulate it, said Guan has won good insurance which, also faster than the other boats, "a chopsticks head." Revered is 4 years after the Beijing Olympics, then "See Ya Guan", wore heavy pressure on him to win an absolute advantage, Barbara Shaoxing pride ah. Now these two events in Guan beautiful home held, but also to Shaoxing people very happy, this year has been the introduction of "rebuilding water city", "five water cohabitation" all the initiatives undertaken after these two matches, we believe Governance will be upgraded, there will be better ways to make our city the sky bluer, the water is more clear.

In the morning, I imagine a few years later in front of my house vying grand, he sent his son to the good news. Son back a message saying: Mom, when you and dad can sit on the balcony, sipping tea, watching the world-class competition does, great!

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