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Busy work overtime to production



After the qingming festival of new urgent orders for customers, longshan electronic staff under the leadership of the leadership of the unit work overtime, makes every effort to complete the task on time as requests.

On April 10, our third production meeting, deal with new orders, decided to take all the production measures. Each department seconded personnel into the production line to support, all the machine open, work overtime to production. Although temporary transfer of work is very hard, but everyone without complaint, have said everything to complete the production task, ensure enterprise benefit. Because of the belief, staff enthusiasm high, a buzz of sight on the production line.

Although the production task, workload is big, but we are still carrying out the concept of "quality first" principle, to ensure to complete production tasks at the same time, strictly control the quality. Employees will this in mind, on the production line work methodically. We believe that the correct leadership of the company under, under the joint efforts of all staff, ensure the quality, we will be able to create brilliant, smooth realization of the production task goals.

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