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  Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company launched by China Shaoxing Rice Wine Group Co., Ltd. exclusively and established by raising funds. The company was listed on May 16, 1997 in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock No.: 600059). It currently owns a registered capital of RMB 223.8 million, of which 12,633 shares is hold by Chinese legal person, accounting for 54.27% of the total amount; public shares are about 106,470,000, accounting for 45.73%.

  Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise of wine production, management and export. It has the domestic first-class wine production process equipment and the only provincial wine technology center, gathers a number of national wine assessment masters, and reaches an annual wine production capacity of 110,000 tons. “Guyue Longshan”, “Shenyonghe”, “Zhuangyuanhong”, “Jianhu”, and “Guqiandao” Shaoxing rice wines are the national quality products and have won many international and domestic golden medals, recognized as one of the first products with the protection of place of origin. “Guyue Longshan” is the only one Chinese famous brand, well-known trademarks in China, specialized wine for state banquet in wine industry. With 300 years history, the long-established “Shenyonghe” and “Jianhu” are Zhejiang well-known brands. Our products are well-marketed in major cities all over China and even exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, enjoying a good reputation of “Famous Wine of the Oriental”.

  Over years of efforts, the company has established the largest wine distribution network all over provincial capital cities and municipalities. In 2005, Family of Camus Cognac, France (CA-MUS), hand in hand with Guyue Longshan, one of three top wines in China, will carry on the sales of National Liquor Area of the “Wine of King, King of Wine” among the global duty-free shops. Since 2004, the company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with CCTV, and invited the well-known film star Mr. Chen Baoguo as the company's spokesperson of product.

Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., always being committed to carry forward and promote Shaoxing rice wine culture, will develop and produce healthy fashionable Shaoxing wine series for customers through continuous management and technical innovation.

Taiwan Apex Science & Engineering Corp Technology Development Stock Co., Ltd.
Apex Science & Engineering Corp Technology Development Stock Co., Ltd., established in August 1976 and headquartered in Taipei, is a listing company with stocks of good achievement and high growing. Staffed with approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, it sets up chip manufacturing factories and packaging plants in Taiwan and mainland China and sells its products through the strong global marketing system.


In recent years, it has made positive transformation to invest in photovoltaic industry. With the spirit of innovation and advanced technology, taking infrared products, visible light LED products, and application module as main products, it has been committed to R&D and production of products for twenty-five years. With concerted efforts of all employees and support of customers, the company contributes itself for the growing land and develops together with the growth of national economic construction. Looking into the future, in response to the future changes of World Trade Organization, Asia Pacific Operations Center, financial liberalization, internationalization and other situations, the company, as the country’s local technology development company has absolute confidence to create better results and looks for more challenges based on past efforts of cumulative strength and potential.


Hong Kong Xinhua Enterprise Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Registered in Hong Kong, it is a high-tech investment company specializing in investment in the photovoltaic industry. It owns a number of projects successfully financed overseas.